Project and plant-specific release lists

You can find all up-to-date release lists for automotive manufacturers here:

Renault group recommendations

These documents are for all Renault group projects ongoing and upcoming worldwide.

Renault have made specification books called CNOMO in pneumatic and electric for all work-departments:

  • Press shop
  • Body shop
  • Paint shop
  • Final assembly
  • Powertrain

Aim of this catalog is to reduce the time of your selection and to ensure yourselves that Renault will be agreed about chosen Festo products.

Quick and right selection save money!

Global specification book

Renault recommendations for automation and pneumatic products 2017


Konfiguration of Valves terminal

In order to create your configuration of Valves terminal we have made the easy configurator for building up Festo reference.

All applications can use CPX-VTSA in not exhaustive list below for your convenience:

  • Press shop
  • Mechanic
  • Conveyor
  • Rotary table
  • Robot grippers
  • Machines in BIW
  • Final assembly
  • Paint shop

FESTO Valves terminal Easy software tool  for RENAULT 2017

Standard application called "Jigbox"

FESTO Devices for Jigbox V.2016 

Most of Renault Nissan projects for which you will find a “document of synthesis for the plant…” made by the maintenance and engineering Renault Nissan teams in order to define the needs for Valves terminal and air unit preparation in the plant.

Please ask to your local Festo contact to get the right document for your project.


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