Expotainer of Festo Indonesia

New technology on the move
The Festo expotainer is a fully self contained exhibition vehicle providing a display of the very latest equipment in the field of automation technology utilizing pneumatics and electronics as well as incorporating the latest developments in didactic training aids.

The objective 
To bring the latest technology in pneumatic, electronic and didactic, directly to the customer's door-step


  • Self contained : electric power, air supply and air conditioner
  • Time saving : less than twenty minutes to set up
  • Product information : application example in static and dynamic display
  • Seminar/ presentation/ exhibition : equipped with white board, video player and color TV



Level ground with capability to support 14 tons load
A clear area of 4m high x 5m wide x 12m long



For more information and Expotainer visit, you can directly contact us :

Att :  expotainer@festo.com