Festo's proximity sensors are sensors specially optimised for use with Festo drives and indicate the position of the piston rod.


Position transmitters, e.g. SMAT, continuously and contactlessly record the movement of the piston in the position measuring range and output that information as a standardised analogue current or voltage signal.


Pressure sensors and vacuum switches accurately control all pressure values, ensure greater reliability and offer the option of remote maintenance and monitoring.

Position transmitter SDAT and SMAT-8M

Position transmitter SDAT and SMAT-8M

For reliable position detection

The universal transmitter solution: reliably and accurately records positions for standard strokes.

Position transmitter SDAT-MHS 

The first analogue position transmitter designed as a proximity sensor

Position transmitter SMAT-8M

The first inductive proximity sensor for T-slots

Reliable positional feedback on electric drives

Reliable positional feedback on electric drives?

Inductive sensors SIES-8M

Optimally configurable: pressure sensor SPAU

Pressure sensor SPAU

Custom configuration with uniquely flexible connections.

Simple and quick to mount for every installation situation

Find out more about the pressure sensor SPAU

High flow rate: flow sensor SFAM

The basis for more energy efficiency: SFAM by Festo

Starting point at 1%

The basis for more energy efficiency -  as an individual device or combined with the service units of the MS series

More about the SFAM