Pre-pack & machine kitting

pre pack and machine kitting

For the majority of machine build programmes a large number of components need to be selected, purchased, received and unpacked before the assembly phase of the

With the Pre-Pack & Machine Kitting Service you place just one order and everything is ready to go - a single package with all the components required for completing your task, under one part number and for a single price.


For ease of recognition each kit is packed to your specification and dispatched to dove tail with your Just-In-Time, KANBAN or stores process.


Key benefits:

  • Saving of process and administration costs
  • Simplification of supply chain
  • Clear labelling of individual parts to your specification
  • reduction of waste - reusable packing available
  • Simplified goods receipt
  • Time-saving machine installation
  • Improved logistics for JIT and KANBAN processes