New valves and valve terminals

All new valves and valve terminals in the catalogue

Universal directional control valve VUVG-...-S

Universal directional control valve VUVG-...-S

From the core product range

Compact solenoid valve with essential features


Directional control valve VUVG in the catalogue

Directional control valve VUVS-...-S

Universal directional control valve VUVS-...-S

From the core product range

Sturdy solenoid valve with essential features


Directional control valve VUVS in the catalogue

Clean Design valve terminal MPA-C

Valve terminal MPA-C in Clean Design

Even more valve functions in a perfect clean design

New: bus node CTEU for EtherNet/IP, more safety when there is an accumulation of exhaust air, electrical outlet at the top and optional X lengths


Valve terminal MPA-C in the catalogue

Valve terminal MPA-L

Universal valve terminals MPA-S and MPA-L

Advanced functions for better safety and higher performance

New: option non-return valves, mechanical spring return, PROFIsafe module CPX-FVDA-P2 and quite a bit more

Valve terminals MPA-S and MPA-L in the catalogue

Installation system CTEL

Installation system CTEL

Amazingly simple and low-cost fieldbus technology

Bus interfaces reduced to a minimum:

Use one bus node to operate several CPX-CTEL masters with up to four I-Port devices each.


Installation system CTEL in the catalogue

Proportional pressure regulator VPPX

Proportional pressure regulator VPPX

The freely parameterisable PID controller, the external sensor input and the Festo Configuration Tool FCT make it possible to implement complex controlled systems quickly and easily.

New: now with UL certification


Proportional pressure regulator VPPX in the catalogue

PROFIsafe input module CPX-F8DE-P

PROFIsafe input module CPX-F8DE-P

Stay on the safe side

On-site sensing of the entire safety chain: simply and clearly connect all typical safety sensors


Terminal CPX in the catalogue

CODESYS controller CPX-CEC

CODESYS controller CPX-CEC-C1/s1/M1-V3

Decentralised control and intelligent preprocessing, all on one platform – CODESYS

It allows you to use a comprehensive range of motion control functions in pneumatic and electric systems on site.


Terminal CPX in the catalogue

Valve terminal VTUG

Valve terminal VTUG

All-rounder with lots of multi-pin and fieldbus variants and up to 24 valve positions on one valve terminal

New: size 18 with max. 1,200 l/min flow


Valve terminal VTUG in the catalogue

ISO valve terminal VTSA

ISO valve terminal VTSA/VTSA-F

Unique: mix of 5 valve sizes on one valve terminal

Extra features and new control block VOFA for safe venting


Standard valve terminal VTSA in the catalogue