New electric drives and handling systems

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Servo press kit YJKP

Servo press kit YJKP for electrical press-fitting applications

Preassembled system kit comprising software, controller and hardware

Modular and preinstalled operating software: all you have to do is integrate it into your press-fitting application.


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Compact handling system YXMx

Compact handling system YXMx

Flexible basic platform for a wide variety of desktop applications

Ready-to-use system consisting of software, controller and kinematics - based on the planar surface gantry EXCM:

All you have to do is integrate the front end.


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Planar surface gantry EXCM

Planar surface gantry EXCM

Optimised installation with great functionality in the smallest of spaces

New features: clean look cover, extended Y-stroke for third axis, flexible energy management


2D planar surface gantry EXCM in the catalogue

Linear gantry EXCT

Linear gantry EXCT

Cartesian handling system for high-speed picker

Compact complete solution with excellent dynamic response – up to 90 picks/min


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