Electric automation

Electric Automation

One integrated platform for all your automation needs

One platform for electric automation means seamless connectivity. From electromechanical systems, servo motors and servo drives to complete positioning systems and motion control solutions as well as entire handling systems and decentralised control solutions. Always with the right commissioning software, the Festo Automation Suite.


You will always keep complete flexibility, because you decide yourself how much you want to automate with Festo and which of our products you will combine with your in-house standards. This allows you to gradually adapt your system while staying within budget.


Mechanical connectivity

The wide range of mechanical linear axes and rotary modules offers you almost infinite variety for motion automation – compatible with our servo motors and of course with your in-house standard.


Electric connectivity

Our range of servo motors and servo drives is the ideal link between your mechanical system and your control technology; they are always optimally coordinated, easily configured and quickly commissioned with the Festo Automation Suite software.


Intelligent connectivity

The free, flexible communication and the direct, complete integration of our servo drives into higher-level control concepts as well as the decentralised control of individual process modules using integrated motion control solutions from Festo enable a wide range of solutions for industrial automation tasks – supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration.


Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS


Complete drive system, consisting of servo drive and servo motor, with seamless connectivity in hardware and software.


The servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS are connected via a single-cable solution and can be commissioned quickly and easily using the Festo Automation Suite.





  • For point-to-point and interpolating motion with focus on dynamic motion and precise positioning
  • Complete integration into other third-party control concepts or directly on the control system CPX-E from Festo
  • Compact and optimised package design as well as clever 2-sided operating and connection concept ensure low space requirements in the control cabinet


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Festo Automation Suite commissioning software

Automation Suite

The commissioning software for the complete drive system – from the mechanical system to the controller. Simple and consistent: optimum parameterisation and programming using the Festo Automation Suite software.

  • Greatly simplified, consistent commissioning of the entire drive system including mechanical system
  • Have your drive system up and running in only 5 steps with the initial commissioning wizard
  • 2 clicks instead of 100: greatly simplified integration of the servo controller CMMT-AS into the control program with CPX-E-CEC
  • Install device plug-ins and add-ons conveniently, securely and without errors directly from the software
  • Access device information and instructions for all system components directly from the software
  • Integrated controller programming with CODESYS technology for motion control and robotic functions

Find all the details about the Festo Automation Suite here

Modular control system CPX-E


CPX-E – the automation system with EtherCAT® master controller and motion controller or as compact and low-cost remote I/O.


  • EtherCAT® master interface as well as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP slave interface
  • Standardised CODESYS V3 programming interface as of SP10
  • Integrated motion functions such as SoftMotion
  • Optional display CDSB


More about CPX-E




Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC and mini slides EGSC

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC and mini slides EGSC

Highly compact and low-cost handling systems

  • Space-efficient solutions with optimum ratio of installation space to working space
  • Scalable modular system kit comprising linear axes and mini slides
  • Unique “one-size-down” assembly system
Spindle axis ELGC-BS

Spindle axis ELGC-BS

  • Internal spindle with ball screw for precise and smooth operation
  • Rigid precision guide rail to absorb high guide forces


More about the axis ELGC

Toothed belt axis ELGC-TB

Toothed belt axis ELGC-TB

  • Internal toothed belt drive for dynamic motion, even with heavy loads
  • Rigid precision guide rail to absorb high guide forces


More about the axis ELGC


Mini slide EGSC-BS

Mini slide EGSC-BS

  • Mini slide with recirculating ball bearing guide and linear guide
  • High force and torque absorption combined with quiet spindle operation and precise positioning

More about mini slide EGSC

Application-specific handling systems

Application-specific handling systems

Powerful and suitable for your application: we offer you standardised and customised ready-to-install handling systems that shorten your processes from project engineering to commissioning.






  • Standard handling systems with serial kinematics with strokes of up to 3,000 mm – pre-assembled and tested: single-axis systems, linear, planar surface and 3-dimensional gantries
  • Complete handling systems for highly dynamic movement and positioning: high acceleration, high payload and optimum working space coverage for up to 90 picks/min
  • Compact handling systems when the smallest installation spaces are required: compact and flat for optimum utilisation of working space, for example, in small parts assembly in the electronics industry or laboratory automation


More about handling systems


Compact solutions for the electronics industry

Compact solutions for the electronics industry

Fast and accurate production of small components in the smallest of spaces: we have developed compact and economical automation solutions for this application.


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Gripping and stopping


Electric standard gripper EHPS


Simple, practical, electric!

  • Through holes for easy fastening
  • Electrical connection with cable harness and plug
  • Jaw guide for high torque resistance
  • Gripper jaw with interface profile and sturdy plain-bearing guide for high torque resistance
  • Sensor slot for gripper jaw position sensing
  • Status indicator for power supply and error message

More about the electric standard gripper EHPS


Electric stopper EFSD


The stopper for your transfer system

  • Easy to install
  • Can be connected directly
  • Can be actuated via 24 V inputs/outputs
  • Adjustable cushioning
  • Integrated sensor for position feedback


More about the electric stopper EFSD   

Transport system MCS®

Transport system MCS®

MCS® – transporting and dynamic positioning with the Multi-Carrier-System. For this purpose, the modular transport system can be freely integrated into your existing intralogistics.

With MCS® you optimise the productivity of your machinery and have flexibility in series production above a batch size of one.



  • Each carrier can be moved freely
  • Format changes at the push of a button



  • High dynamic response, even with large loads
  • Very short changeover times



  • MCS® technology only at the stations relevant to the process
  • Series production for batch sizes greater than 1


More about the Multi-Carrier-System


The electrical positioning system: Optimised Motion Series

The electrical positioning system: Optimised Motion Series

You conveniently configure the package consisting of mechanical system, controller and software to meet your requirements – with the best value for money.

Simple motion and positioning as an individual axis or as a cost-effective multi-axis solution.

  • 1 order code for product selection and configuration
  • Configuration of motion and positioning via Web-Config
  • Quick and simple operation and commissioning
  • Freely selectable: position, force and speed as well as freely definable motion profiles

More about the electrical positioning system

Industry 4.0 working place

Connect your automation of today to the future

More about Industry 4.0/IoT


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