Engineering design

Rapid and reliable engineering design - mechanical and electric:

  • A few clicks are all that is needed to integrate our data in your CAD engineering design
  • EPLAN macros simplify and speed up electrical design.
  • FluidDraw for quickly creating electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams


Festo PARTdataManager


Design more quickly

All 2D and 3D CAD models of Festo products in one software package

45 CAD formats

More information on PARTdataManager



Plan complete systems more easily

Circuit diagram software FluidDraw with link to the electronic catalogue

More information on FluidDraw

Drilling template for valve terminals

Drilling template for valve terminal

In addition to the CAD model: drilling templates in 2D and 3D CAD format

You will find the drilling templates in the
online catalogue for the following valve terminals:

  • CPX
  • MPA
  • VTSA
  • VTSA-F
  • VTUG 

Direct insert function in CAD system

Transfer CAD models directly to your CAD system online

  • Insertion in CAD system without the need for buffering beforehand
  • No imported geometry
  • Component linkages available
  • Use of your own system templates

EPLAN macros

EPLAN macros

Designing circuit diagrams

Convenient creation of electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams with the macro libraries for EPLAN macros

More about EPLAN macros

CAD models from Festo

Find your CAD files in the catalogue

If you don't have the part number to hand:

  • find a product in the catalogue
  • Select the CAD format you need and request the file
  • Click on the CAD icon

To the catalogue

CAD direct

Without login:

  • 3D PDF format
  • Available as a download

With login:

  • 45 CAD formats (25 native)
  • To download or by email

No part number? All products in the catalogue.

(Login and registration can be found at the top of every page.)

CAD formats

Transfer CAD models directly to your CAD system:

  • No imported geometry
  • Component link available
  • Use your own system templates

You can find information about the available neutral and native CAD formats in the

CAD Download Guide


Technical consulting and support

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