Round cylinder DSNU with PPS cushioning

Fast adaptation for optimum cushioning - without adjusting screw

  • PPS for dynamic and gentle movement into the end position
  • Reliable due to self-adjustment
  • Economical due to reduced commissioning times
  • Reliable due to adaptation to changes and prolonged service life as shock absorber
  • PPS also available on stainless steel cylinder CRDSNU

Cushioning variants P, PPV, PPS


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DSNU in the catalogue


Innovative PPS cushioning

Longitudinal slots allow the air to escape, permitting dynamic and gentle movement into the end position.


Self-adjustment of end-position cushioning using longitudinal slots in cushioning piston


No need for manual adjustment of end-position cushioning

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Potential savings with PPS

  • Number of cylinders: 60 stations with one cylinder each

  • Setting time per cylinder: 5 min.
  • Time saved: 5 h per unit for assembly and setting