Ready-to-install pneumatics

Customer Solution

Save up to 50% on the package
If you choose an automation solution with a large pneumatic part for in-house applications, the implementation is often very complex, as you have to configure, document, procure and assemble numerous individual components from different suppliers. Valuable time is lost and costs increase.

With ready-to-install pneumatics from Festo you can save up to 50%. You only need to define the requirements and Festo takes care of everything else. Our project engineers will develop a solution in partnership with you. On the agreed date, you will receive a complete, tested package. Detailed documentation will be supplied at the same time. Another advantage is that you will have just one contact for the entire project.

Festo has been supporting customers will all-inclusive solutions for 25 years. The expertise that we have built up over this time is unique. We are the only manufacturer worldwide to supply ready-to-install pneumatic systems. These can also be integrated into your overall solution on request.