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Very common open Ethernet protocol

Three protocol variants guarantee a high data transmission rate, e.g. from real-time-critical IO data for motors and robots to a network of PLCs or SCADA and MES/ERP systems. Comprehensive diagnostic, parameterisation and configuration options. For PROFINET with PROFIsafe, with integrated web server, “fast start-up” for rapid tool changeover, “shared device” for access from multiple control systems, redundancy support for line interruption and PROFIenergy features.


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Current firmware drivers for PROFINET

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New: Festo Maintenance Tool for CPX with Siemens export function

Select CPX valve terminal configurations from Festo online and import into hardware configuration


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Control your energy consumption in the Profinet communication. With PROFIenergy equipment can be switched off during scheduled breaks and operated in a power-saving state during malfunctions, thus reducing your energy consumption.

Available for the CPX bus nodes with Profinet: