Reliable final assembly

We deliver suitable solutions for fully automated motion sequences for a safe and flexible human-machine interaction. This includes components for reliable positioning and an extensive product portfolio for handling and assembly as well as various grippers and vacuum systems.

We also offer technical support for areas were loads must always be moved ergonomically.


Ergonomic solutions and products for final assembly



Move loads effortlessly

With the powerful and reliable servo-pneumatic drive solution YHBP for balancers of all kinds.
With rapid, automatic weight detection and safety to Performance Level d.
Suitable for loads of 70 - 999 kg and all conventional kinematic systems.


Additional details


Clip fix tool AGTC

Fix clips automatically

The clip fix tool AGTC takes care of time-consuming and ergonomically stressful tasks with a clean, reproducible pulse of compressed air that automatically fixes the assembly clips in position. This ensures a high level of process reliability and a more comfortable experience for workers in production.


Straight to the clip fix tool AGTC