Automation solutions for Tier 1 suppliers

It doesn't matter whether you work on drives or chassis, the exterior and the interior, or you manufacture electronics or tyres, the conditions are challenging and the cost pressures are huge.

Tier 1 suppliers need a technically optimised and highly efficient solution irrespective of where they need it; as quickly as possible and with the least amount of effort. And they often also need a technology mix using pneumatics and electrics.

Festo core product range

Ordered globally, delivered globally

Our core product range covers nearly 80% of all automation functions. We have over 2,200 products in stock globally that are ready to be shipped at short notice.


Our products with a star


Productivity up to the Cloud

With CPX/MPA, you can integrate pneumatic and electrical control chains easily, quickly, flexibly and seamlessly into all automation concepts and company-specific standards – and into Industry 4.0 as well!


Maximum productivity for you

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Service unit components – MS series

Maximum throughput for greater process reliability

The ideal combination for every compressed air purity class and every flow rate: the components of the MS series service unit.
Also available in certified versions with integrated sensors and safety functions up to Performance Level e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1.


Perfect compressed air preparation

Servo press kit

Servo press with IATF quality management

Reliable solution: our modular press-fitting kit with servo drive for electrical press-fitting and joining up to 17 kN.


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Handling Guide Online

Time-saving engineering tools

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Electric automation

Electric automation

Whether electric, pneumatic or in clever combinations: Festo offers technology-neutral solutions that do not impose any restrictions.

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Load tyre presses faster and more efficiently – with the Festo Motion Terminal

It’s an easy exchange: we replace conventional pneumatics in the control cabinet with digitised pneumatics. And you enjoy impressive results: the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM makes loading times up to 33% faster and reduces power consumption by up to 60%.


In tyre production, every second and every kilowatt counts. Whether in compounding, tyre construction, vulcanisation or quality control, there is massive untapped potential for increased productivity. Get maximum performance from your systems – with new, efficient automation solutions, or through clever retrofitting.


Increased productivity for your tyre production

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