Water technology

Water technology

Having a responsibility for water means having a duty of care. Water, especially drinking water, has become a valuable and often expensive commodity. It is vital to ensure the efficient automation of water treatment and waste water processes ; this will reduce costs and at the same time, it provides the conditions for maintaining consistently high water quality. You can rely on our many years of experience in municipal and industrial water technology and you have the option of getting everything from a single source.

Project and solution highlights

Drinking water treatment for Bursa

Water's long journey

Automation with pneumatics in the plant for regional water treatment in Langenau, one of the most modern water treatment plants in Europe.

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Water filter system in Bursa

Fresh water for Bursa

Modernisation of a total of 28 newly automated filter basins in the water treatment plant in Dobruca (Turkey).

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Product highlights for water technology


Linear drive DFPI

The ideal solution for actuating penstock valves, gate valves, dart valves and much more. It conforms to ISO 15552, has an optional integrated positioner or integrated displacement encoder, and swivel motion is are possible thanks to the optimised piston rod guide.

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Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Quarter turn actuator DFPD

Its features allow you to easily automate butterfly valves, ball valves and other process valves: 10 ... 2,300 Nm, with an angle of rotation of up to 180°, in corrosion-resistant variants – all this as single- or double-acting variants.

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Positioner CMSX

The CMSX makes controlled positioning processes for pneumatic quarter turn and linear actuators child's play. It offers an excellent price/performance ratio, energy-efficient operation, and high process reliability thanks to analogue or digital feedback signals and definable safety positions.

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More products for process automation

Online configuration: quick and easy

Configurator for process valve units

Configurator for pneumatic, automated process valves

From manually actuated process valves to fully automated ones, the new configurator makes selecting the optimum solution child's play. Select a few parameters and the configurator will immediately suggest appropriate combinations. This will make your engineering process faster, easier and more reliable.

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Configurator control cabinet

Configurator for control cabinet solutions for water technology (Cabinet Guide Online)

With the Cabinet Guide Online, technicians and engineers involved in project managing and planning water technology systems can now create a ready-to-install control cabinet in record time and can make significant savings in comparison with customised, project-specific control cabinets.

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Innovative automation concepts

Modular production

Automation of modular production plants (modular automation)

There’s little you can do about strong fluctuations in the consumption and the quality of the raw water. But what you can do is ensure that your water treatment is able to manage this intelligently. This is where networked Industry 4.0 comes into play, together with modular automation from Festo.

Just four steps to modular automation

Integrity test

Fully automatic integrity test in ultrafiltration

You need to closely monitor the differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet in order to identify membrane leakages in good time. Festo recommends automated, decentralised pressure control and pressure monitoring for this function.

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