Automation in the laboratory:
kinematic systems for specimen handling


Technologies for automating the life sciences field

The health system is under increasing cost pressure, not least due to changing demographics. Companies face the challenge of creating affordable yet effective medical technology and diagnostic procedures for preventive healthcare. The LifeTech division at Festo provides the answer – with innovative solutions for laboratory automation.


Ready-to-install modules support the automation of sample preparation.

From identifying and checking the sample carriers to opening and closing sample vials and adding liquids to microwell plates, Festo offers you standardised components and develops tailored solutions together with you.

Gripping, opening and dispensing


Gripping, opening and positioning small sample vials

The extremely compact rotary gripper module EHMD is ideal for applications in laboratory automation such as opening and closing a wide variety of small sample vials. In combination with a gripper and handling system, it becomes a ready-to-install complete solution.


Rotary gripper module EHMD

Rotary gripper module EHMD

  • Infinite electrical rotation and electrical or pneumatic gripping
  • Universal handling of small sample containers
  • Gripping and rotation as well as opening and closing of caps
  • Optional: assembly module with Z-compensation automatically adjusts to the cap’s thread pitch.
  • Payload up to 250 g

Find out more here about the rotary gripper module

Rotary gripper module EHMD in the catalogue


Festo EHPS

Electric gripper EHPS

  • Compact design
  • Simple control for opening/closing grippers
  • Gripping force adjustable at the gripper module
  • Used where pneumatics is not permissible or required

Find out more here about the electric gripper

Dispense head VTOE

Dispense head VTOE

  • Modular dosing system for ready-to-install solutions
  • Dosing of a wide range of reagents with maximum precision
  • Up to 8 individually controlled valves
  • Compact dimensions

More information about liquid handling

Dispense head VTOE in the catalogue


Positioning, identifying and evaluating 


Handling system with camera

The sensor reads the barcode and checks the quality of the sample by comparing specific characteristics such as fill quantity and blood quality.


Planar surface gantry EXCM-30

Planar surface gantry EXCM-30

  • Compact and flat for payloads up to 3 kg
  • Space-saving for installation in laboratory devices
  • Preparameterised and ready to install

Find out more here about planar surface gantries

Planar surface gantry EXCM in the catalogue



Compact handling system YXMx

Compact handling system YXMx

  • Matching, ready-to-use system kit comprising software, controller and kinematic system
  • Easy to integrate into the application environment
  • Easy to program and commission

How to automate laboratory processes (YouTube)

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