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Your objective: managing plants for water treatment and wastewater treatment efficiently, flexibly and reliably

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  • Reducing product life cycle costs
  • Securing process sequences
  • Increasing transparency and clarity during operation
Service life costs of pneumatic and electromechanical components in water technology

Product life cycle costs:

Electromechanics 295,000 euros
Pneumatics 199,000 euros
Savings 96,000 euros




Data based on:

The actual filter system of a water treatment plant in Germany with

  • 8 filter tanks, each with 8 inlets/discharges
  • 7 open/close process valves each and 1 in positioning operation




* VDMA and TU Braunschweig: LIMA "Life Cycle Costing in Mechanical and Plant Engineering"


Comparison of pneumatic and electric drive systems

A study by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA*) reveals that pneumatics can help you save on large cost pools.

The study took investment and operating expenses, downtime costs and depreciation over a 25-year life cycle into account.

The daily output is 67,000 m³; there is a significant increase in the savings effect for larger plants.