Medical technology: valves for air and oxygen

Festo, in close cooperation with its customers, develops products and subsystems for medical devices.

Focus on efficient regulation and control of medical gases

Compact, quiet, energy-efficient valves with piezo technology in medical technology

Piezo valves with proportional technology are often better than solenoid valves for mobile applications and applications in close proximity to the patient, especially for flow and pressure regulation:

  • Ideal for battery-operated devices thanks to their low energy consumption
  • Long service life as the design is very wear-resistant
  • Small installation space and low weight
  • Compatible with oxygen

2/2-way proportional valves

control the flow rate, e.g. in mobile oxygen therapy devices, thus ensuring precise oxygen supply and dosing during inhalation.

3/3-way proportional valves

are used, e.g. to regulate the flow or pressure in oxygen therapy, ophthalmology or dialysis.

Proportional valves

Proportional valves VEMR and VEAE

Choice of various valve series with different working pressures, nominal widths, flow ranges and working temperatures:

  • 2/2-way valve (normally closed)
  • 3/3-way valve (normally closed)

Proportional valves with piezo technology

Proportional valve VEMP

Proportional valve VEAE

Proportional solenoid valve VPWS

Proportional solenoid valve VPWS

Lightweight, compact 15 mm cartridge valve with high flow rate.

  • 2/2-way valve
  • Ideal for applications with minimal installation space

Proportional valve VPWS

Pressure regulators and flow control valves with piezo technology, sensors and electronic control

Proportional flow control valve VEMD

Proportional flow control valve VEMD

  • 2/2-way valve with flow sensor and control electronics
  • Mass flow controller (MFC)

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Proportional pressure regulator VEAA, VEAB

Proportional pressure regulators VEAA, VEAB

  • 3/3-way valve with pressure sensor and control electronics

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Miniature valve VOVK

Miniature valve VOVK

  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Very wide pressure range: –0.9 … 7 bar
  • Very low energy consumption – ideal for compact valve terminals or battery-operated solutions
  • Three setup options

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Miniature pilot valve VUVG-S

Miniature pilot valve VUVG to expand the MHA1 series

  • Optional reduction of holding current
  • for gases
  • Degree of protection IP65 and IP40
  • Suitable for vacuum

Product information on the miniature pilot valve

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Treatment systems

Oxygen therapy for mobile applications

In action:

Small and lightweight piezo valves regulate the gas flows and pressures that release oxygen in infinitely variable steps.

Stationary ventilation in a clinical environment

Precise regulation and control of fluid flows from the blood and dialysate stream are crucial when it comes to efficient dialysis.

In action:

Piezo valves, media valves, pneumatic valves, proportional pressure regulators

Surgical tools

An example from eye surgery shows pneumatically operated surgical tools being controlled.

In action:

Pneumatic control unit comprising solenoid valves and piezo valves for the following functions:

  • Actuating surgical tools
  • Vacuum-supported extraction
  • Conveying fluids

Closed-loop control of fluid flows, gas flows and slime at dental stations

The various instruments are controlled independently of one another by switching valves, proportional valves, pumps and compressors.

Medical equipment

Training torsos in medical training simulate breathing, pulse and bodily fluids, such as tears.

Intelligent control systems are used for simulating air and fluid movements.

Regulation of gas flows and pressures in medical mattresses for nursing beds.

Piezo valves actuate the chambers individually – quietly and with a soft-start function.