Automation for the packaging industry

Gentle and quick, clean and safe, variable and flexible – these are typical requirements of packaging companies. You can often make your packaging tasks even more efficient by relying on automation solutions from Festo, from individual components to ready-to-install subsystems. We provide you with the support you need, worldwide.

Solutions for packaging machines

Effectiveness Display

OEE – increasing equipment availability

High system availability can be planned. The key indicators for overall equipment effectiveness are availability, performance, and quality. These examples show how you can reduce downtimes and increase cycle rates while maintaining top quality.

OEE – increasing equipment efficiency (PDF)


MCS® with format change at the press of a button

Maximum flexibility: the innovative transport system can be easily integrated into existing intralogistics and permits modular solutions for economical production, from batches of 1 upwards.

More about the transport system MCS®

Motion Terminal

A standard for all functions: Festo Motion Terminal VTEM

Digitised pneumatics for radically optimised usage: our highly functional Motion Terminal VTEM with its Motion Apps and new valve technology replaces over 50 individual components and even entire systems – and can also be controlled via a tablet and smartphone.

More about the Festo Motion Terminal

Suitable automation components


Adaptive gripper finger DHAS

Gentle gripping, low-vibration transport, impact-free placement – the flexible, adaptive gripper finger DHAS with its sensitive touch for all delicate surfaces and materials is most impressive.

More about the DHAS


Linear gantry EXCT

The high-speed pick and place system EXCT: extremely efficient with more than 90 picks/min The most dynamic and energy-efficient alternative to traditional serial solutions greatly reduces the moving load thanks to the use of a single belt. It's a product that pays off.

More about the EXCT


Toothed belt axis ELGA-TB-KF

Sturdy and very fast, the toothed belt ELGA-TB masters your tasks effortlessly. The internal guides (recirculating ball bearing, roller bearing and plain bearing) and the sturdy cover strip are ideal for demanding applications.

More about the ELGA-TB-KF

Carefully packaged


Multi-Carrier-System drives the packaging process

The servo-controlled horizontal cartoner HK-S from ECONO-PAK gently and efficiently places scratch-sensitive tubes of shoe polish into cardboard boxes. The freely configurable and flexible Multi-Carrier-System (MCS®) from Festo synchronises the conveyors for the product and the cardboard box and ensures reliable packaging with a high throughput.

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Other references and applications from the packaging industry