Solution highlights for end line packaging

Multi-Carrier-System MCS®


Extremely flexible and modular transport system in the form of a complete system solution

  • Freely configurable linear system
  • Easy to integrate into existing intralogistics
  • Supplements classic transport solutions by providing maximum flexibility
  • Product transport and positioning on carriers using linear motors
  • Integrated controller for transport motion and motion control functionality

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Linear gantry (YZ) for pick & place applications

  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical movement and positioning
  • Closed solution with integrated energy supply concept for pneumatics and sensors


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Tripod EXPT

Tripod EXPT

Mechatronic system solution

  • Suitable for small moving masses with high demands on dynamic response in 3D
  • High path accuracy with a range of path profiles


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Control package CMCA

Control system CMCA

A ready-to-install, application-specific control system

Allows free 3D path control of highly dynamic kinematics


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