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Highlight of the Bionic Learning Network 2014: the BionicKangaroo


Highlight of the Bionic Learning Network 2014: the BionicKangaroo

The Festo Bionic Learning Network will once again provide new impetus for the automation technology of tomorrow and beyond at Hannover Messe this year.


Due to Festo’s interdisciplinary work together with universities, institutes and development companies, unique future concepts have emerged. They have produced things such as natural models, which have inspired new solutions for the future of the automation sector.


You can find the latest projects and everything else about the Bionic Learning Network finden Sie auf on our international corporate website.


Energy-efficient jumping based on a natural model

Like its natural model, the BionicKangaroo can recover the energy exerted on landing, store it and efficiently use it for the next jump.


Everything about the BionicKangaroo



Collision-free flying of autonomous systems

With the eMotionSpheres, Festo shows how several flying objects can move – individually or collectively – in a coordinated manner and within a defined space.


All you need to know about the eMotionSpheres



Variable gripping based on the human hand

It combines parallel and centric gripping – without any conversion. Its adaptive fingers adjust flexibly and gently to the widest range of shapes.


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