Air preparation for perfect compressed air quality

Service unit series MS for air preparation

Safe processes thanks to air preparation

If you want to improve the process reliability and availability of your machines, the first factor you need to look at is your compressed air supply.

Particles, water and oil are the natural enemies of perfectly prepared compressed air.

They have an adverse effect on the components and cost additional energy.

Air preparation

One cubic metre of untreated compressed air contains almost 200 million dirt particles and a lot of water, not to mention oil, lead, cadmium and mercury. These components are a risk to the functionality of your machines.

What your machines need is clean compressed air.

This is a worthwhile investment for your systems, and will improve:

  • Machine availability
  • Process reliability
  • Service life

Clean compressed air can be achieved using air preparation. How clean your compressed air needs to be depends on your application and the compressed air quality it requires.

Compressed air quality to ISO 8573-1:2010

This standard defines different compressed air quality classes and specifies the maximum contaminant content for each class. Different purity classes are required for different applications and flow rates.

From the ISO class to compressed air preparation

What quality of compressed air do you require?

Check which products from the MS series for air preparation will fit your system.

Selection table for MS series service units

Our engineering tool can help you choose the right service unit for your air preparation.

Engineering tool for air preparation

Safe processes thanks to air preparation

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