Test procedures for clean room products

Cleanroom: qualification procedure

For your safety in the cleanroom

We test our products in accordance with VDI directive 2083-9.1 and classify them according to ISO 14664.

Festo works with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) and the renowned Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to ensure that its products meet the high requirements for use in cleanrooms.

A dedicated Competence Center for Cleanroom Technology at Festo Singapore provides the necessary infrastructure for the production and packaging of cleanroom products.

Cleanroom: qualification measurement

Cleanroom: test assembly for qualification measurement

Test assembly

Mini test environment in ISO 14644-1 class 3

Cleanroom: particle detector for qualification measurement

Particle detector

The particle detector scans the test specimen and pinpoints critical areas where the highest numbers of particles are released, e.g. at the piston rod seal of a cylinder.

Cleanroom: visual particle counter for qualification measurement

Visual particle counter

Measures the average particle concentration at the critical point over 100 minutes at 80% of the maximum permissible load


Performance of cleanroom examinations

Festo Singapore has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute to carry out particle emission measurements:

IPA certificate FE 0008-190

Fraunhofer Clean Manufacturing