Electric standard gripper EHPS

Electric standard gripper EHPS

Simple and reliable

  • Through-holes for easy mounting
  • Electrical connection with cable harness and plug
  • Jaw guide for high torque resistance
  • Gripper jaws with interface profile and sturdy plain-bearing guide for high torque resistance
  • Sensor slot for gripper jaw position sensing
  • Status indicator for power supply and error message

Your benefits

  • Digital actuation makes commissioning easy – with no need for an external controller.
  • Direct position sensing with the T-slot on the gripping head indicates whether the gripping motion is correct.
  • The latched switch with four gripping force adjustment settings makes the EHPS powerful and adaptable for sensitive workpieces.
  • In the event of a power failure, EHPS holds the workpiece securely through automatic locking of the gear unit.
  • The gripper is actuated via two PINs (open/close) only when a signal has been sent. Uncontrolled movement is prevented.
  • Compact dimensions without interfering contours and protruding plugs.
  • Highly dynamic motor for high forces and a strong dynamic response: the acceleration distance for maximum force is only 0.5 mm.


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