Adaptive shape gripper DHEF

The adaptive shape gripper DHEF is a flexible gripper that can handle many different objects without the need to change grippers.

The gripper is best suited to handling small parts, for picking or for working in close proximity to humans, when precision and cycle times are not so important.

The gripper consists of a pneumatic drive and the inverting cap, which is connected to the piston rod at its tip. The cylinder motion pulls the cap tip inwards, allowing objects to be gripped during the inverting motion.

Two sensors can be mounted in T-slots on the side of the cylinder. They report the piston position and provide feedback on the gripping process.

The gripper also has an ISO interface for mounting on a robot.

Advantages of the adaptive shape gripper DHEF


Gripping with maximum flexibility:

  • Changing shapes
  • Unaligned objects
  • Several objects at once
  • Form-fit gripping
  • Gentle gripping
  • Suitable for human/machine interaction

Bionic concept as an innovation

Gripping application in a gantry design



Feeding in as part of human-machine collaboration

Picking up from a group

To ensure that the adaptive shape gripper works optimally in your application, and the gripper adds a lot of value for you, we will provide you with long-term support. Please complete the form and we will be in touch soon. Go to the Support Portal for more information on DHEF.

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Technical data



Function Pneumatically operated gripper with inverting cap
Stroke [mm] 66
Operating pressure of drive [bar] 1…8
Operating pressure of cap [bar] 0.07…0.1 (nominal pressure: 0.08)
Max. speed with gripped object [mm/s] 120
Ambient temperature [°C] 0…+60
Storage temperature [°C] -20 … +80
Max. operating frequency [Hz] 1
Materials Housing, cover: anodised aluminium
Inverting cap: VMQ (silicone)
Wiper seal: TPE
Locking cover: PA
Note: contains paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS)
Weight [g] 475

Objects that can be picked up

Min. diameter to be gripped [mm] 12
Max. diameter to be gripped [mm] 38