Process automation

quarter turn actuator DFPD

Quarter turn actuator DFPD

The perfect all-rounder: quarter turn actuator DFPD

A wide range of actuators is available. The standard version, the HD version for high torques or DFPD-C for specific requirements in the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Quarter turn actuator DFPD in the catalogue

Closed-loop-controlled linear actuator DFPI

Closed-loop-controlled linear actuator DFPI

Easy to install – robust and reliable operation

Ideal in harsh ambient conditions: corrosion-resistant linear actuator to ISO 15552 with integrated displacement encoder or fully integrated positioner.


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Filter regulator PCRP

Filter regulator PCRP

A tough performer: the robust stainless steel filter regulator

The extremely corrosion-resistant filter regulator PCRP excels at high flow rates, reliable pressure regulation and is amazingly sturdy.


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CPX module

Analogue CPX module, HART-compatible, 4 channels

Analogue precision meets digital diagnostics and parameterisation.

The analogue module CPX-HART with 4 channels, each of which can be used as an input or an output.


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Pinch valve VZQA

Pinch valve VZQA

Negligible flow resistance, no blockages: a clear run for your media

The compact 2/2-way valve with integrated NC (normally closed) function controls the flow of substances such as gases, liquids and highly viscous and abrasive media.


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Ball valve actuator units VZBM

Ball valve actuator units VZBM

So convenient: no construction, no screws. Just install – everything works!

The actuator units consisting of ball valves VZBM and actuators DFPD come in single-acting and double-acting versions.


Ball valve actuator units VZBM in the catalogue