Flat-panel industry


Fast, gentle, reliable and precise: these are the attributes that characterise the economical production of flat panels. Festo offers interesting products and solutions for all your requirements, whether for plastic rubbing, seal printing, separating or for grinding edges.

Project and solution highlights

Sanfter Vertikaltransport von Dünschichtmodulen mit Lösungen von Festo

Soft and gentle lifting of substrates

The vertical transport of fragile, heavy thin-film modules presents a challenge: despite the high moving load, gentle and even movement must be achieved in order to prevent damage. The high moving load often pushes traditional spindle systems to their limits. These challenges are perfectly mastered by lifting systems from Festo.

The challenge: heavy weight, maximum speed, and an even and gentle movement

Lifting systems from Festo meet these requirements. By cleverly combining pneumatic and electric drives, the advantages of both technologies are optimised for the application. The pneumatic axis DGC balances the weight, while the electric axis EGC with toothed belt drive controls the movement. This ensures that the glass is transported both quickly and gently.

  • The benefits of having two technologies from a single source optimise the performance during transport
  • A significant reduction in motor and controller sizes compared to spindle solutions

All components for lifting and vertical transport




Optimal angepasste Handlinglösung von Festo zum schnellen und genauen Dispensing

Quick and precise dispensing

Precision is required when applying the adhesive track. Insufficiently applied conductive adhesive doesn't guarantee sufficient contact; too much adhesive can result in short circuits. Speed is also an important issue for competitive production. The application must also be able to deal flexibly with the variation in glass formats.

Flexible, quick and precise application of conductive adhesives with solutions from Festo

Optimally adapted handling solution for quick and precise dispensing

Two independently positionable dispense heads that operate in parallel carry the adhesive beads onto the thin-film cells. Thanks to the precision of the axes, the adhesive beads are accurate to within 0.2 millimetres. Track length, track distance, formulas, etc. are freely programmable.

Exact and precise: the two dispense heads that operate in parallel can be positioned via independently functioning X-axes.




Kühlprozesse in der Flachbildschirm und Solarmodulfertigung

Monitoring the cooling medium flow in solar and flat-panel production

The manufacturing process for multi-layered solar modules and flat panels generates heat, so a cooling system needs to be integrated into the process. The challenge is to enable reliable monitoring of the flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium. In vacuum coating processes, for example, the vacuum pumps, generators and the process chamber itself all need to be cooled.

Your objective:

  • A reliable, efficient cooling system
  • Reliable monitoring of the cooling process
  • Less effort and cost for development, commissioning and operation

Our solution:

  • Festo for all the components necessary to control the cooling process from a single source
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable components and systems
  • Ready-to-install systems – fully assembled and tested

Further information:

Expertise from a single source – media valves in factory automation

All media distribution components in the catalogue

Sample solution: distribution of cooling water

Important for this application:

  • Reliable monitoring of flow rate, pressure and temperature of the cooling medium in the system
  • Offer for a system solution
Main components
1 Ball valve actuator unit VZBM
2 Valve terminal CPX-MPA
3 Angle seat valve VZXF
4 Flow sensor SFAW/SPAW
5 Pressure -regulator LR (for purging the lines)
6 Sensors SFAW/SPAW
9 Terminal CPX

Product highlights for the flat-panel display industry

Servo drive CMMT-AS

Servo drive CMMT-AS

The high-performance servo drive CMMT-AS is price-optimised and size-optimised, and can be commissioned error-free with the Festo Automation Suite in just a few minutes. Ethernet-based bus systems enable direct, seamless integration into different controllers.

More about CMMT-AS

Servo motor EMMT-AS

Servo motor EMMT-AS

Extremely powerful and highly dynamic AC synchronous servo motor for demanding industrial applications. The innovative one cable plug (OCP) is characterised by excellent controllability and path accuracy for positioning tasks.

More about EMMT-AS

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

Spindle and toothed belt axes ELGC

The cost-effective axis series ELGC allows you to keep dimensions very compact and make the most of the installation space, for example in small parts handling or desktop applications.

More about the ELGC

Valve terminal VTOC

Valve terminal VTOC

Ideal as a pilot valve for gas boxes and compact systems in the semiconductor and process industries. With an interlock option for more safety. Control via multi-pin or fieldbus. VTOC is also suitable for IO-Link®.

More about VTOC

Linear drive DGC

Linear drive DGC

Positioning drive with eccentric sealing system for virtually leak-free long strokes without restrictions.

More about DGC