Machine tools

We will always be happy to discuss your requirements with you right from the beginning since that is the only way to create a solution that fits your machine concept. You can benefit from rapid prototyping as well as from the finite element method (FEM) or simulations and analysis. Our experts pay special attention to a high level of modularity and open interfaces for all common CNC machinery. We therefore prefer the simplest possible concepts based on standard products or system solutions, but also use industry segment-specific and customised solutions where necessary.

Cantilever axis EHMH

Cantilever axis EHMH

Move payloads of up to 200 kg extremely dynamically, precisely and easily

  • Precise even with long stroke lengths
  • Protection against dropping in vertical applications
  • High performance
Toothed belt axis ELGW

Electromechanical toothed belt axis ELGW

Time control valve VSVA-B-T

Time control valve

  • Compressed air supply for timer
  • Energy supply: buffered or stored internally
  • Also approved for the automotive industry, conforms to ISO-1

Products and solutions for core applications in the machine tool industry

Air preparation and valve technology


Druckluftaufbereitung und Ventiltechnik

The benefits to you of suitable compressed air preparation:

  • Longer service life of your machine tools
  • Fewer machine failures
  • Fewer standstills

With integrated monitoring functions, you will always know the status of the compressed air filter which will enable you to plan needs-based maintenance: 

Dashboard condition monitoring

One specific advantage is that, thanks to the high flow rates and compact dimensions of our service units, you can select a size that is one size smaller than normal. It can be configured for all common applications in line with ISO 8573-1:2010 such as for class (7:4:4) as well as for demanding applications that require extremely pure compressed air, e.g. class (1:4:1) for optical displacement encoders or class (1:2:1) for laser cutting systems.

Products for compressed air preparation and valve technology

Automating loading and unloading systems

Automating loading and unloading systems

Customised products for different environments:

  • Additional scraper
  • Belts made from different materials
  • Chemical-resistant seals
  • Protective bellows
  • Sealing air

Our new generation of axes will inspire innovative ideas:

You can combine electric and pneumatic products to get the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your loading and unloading tasks. Using our modules, you can design a complete handling system easily and cost-effectively. This will save you development time which will be beneficial for your core business. Make the most of different technologies (toothed belt, spindle or rack and pinion axis) and various stroke lengths (up to 10 metres for the horizontal axis and 2.5 metres for the vertical axis). By using the best materials for belts or seals, you will obtain a sturdy and reliable system that is optimally suited for the ambient conditions of your application.


Products for horizontal axes

Products for vertical axes

Controlling cooling, lubrication and cleaning circuits

Controlling cooling, lubrication and cleaning circuits

Media valves and automation technology from one source

You can combine both of these procurement processes and use just one interface for ordering as well as for invoicing and logistics processes. We will find the optimum solution for your requirements in terms of valve technology, the switching frequency required, the pressure range or sealing material.


Products for cooling, lubrication and cleaning circuits


Make configuration easier with the

Online configurator for process valves

Automating doors electrically and pneumatically

Automating doors electrically and pneumatically

A large product portfolio, from simple servo-lite technologies to brushless technologies with integrated extended safety functions for safety doors


Products for automating doors

Motion Terminal VTEM

Maximum flexibility with the Motion Terminal

  • Optimise cycle times and vibrations with the Soft Stop app
  • Maximise the energy efficiency with the Eco Drive app
  • Valves for automating different machine parts

Motion Terminal VTEM in the catalogue

Integrated drive EMCA

Automation with the integrated drive EMCA

  • Power electronics and control electronics compactly combined in the motor housing
  • Numerous digital I/O or fieldbus interfaces
  • Degree of protection IP54 or IP65

Integrated drive EMCA in the catalogue

Cushioning PPS

Self-adjusting end-position cushioning PPS

  • Dynamic and smooth movement into the end position independent of the load
  • Vibration-free even in difficult door positions

Find out more about cushioning PPS

Pneumatics in balancer applications to compensate for electrical vertical movements

Pneumatics in balancer applications to compensate for electrical vertical movements

Reduce the size of your electric drive system by transforming vertical movements into horizontal movements and thus compensate for the weight of the load being moved.

The effect:

  • Lower costs for the electric valve actuator
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased dynamic response
  • Faster system reaction

Function-specific solutions

Checking the correct position of the workpieces

Checking the correct position of the workpieces

Increase your process reliability with our SOPA sensors

Every time raw material is clamped in the machine, contamination or splinters could prevent it from being correctly positioned or aligned. Our SOPA sensors will prevent such errors.

Air gap sensor SOPA

Cost-effective for low tolerances

  • Sensing range in 20 ... 200 μm
  • Controller module
  • Compressed air regulation
  • Measuring air switch-off and air jet function
  • Up to 4 measuring modules

Air gap sensor SOPA in the catalogue

Clamping and gripping workpieces

Clamping and gripping workpieces

Our products will ensure:

  • Optimum retention
  • Sufficient clamping force
  • Precise positioning
  • Reliable movement.

These tools will help you to select the correct gripper or vacuum systems

Engineering tools.


Suitable products for clamping and gripping

Extending storage space for tools with gantry systems

Extending storage space for tools with gantry systems

Moving, rotating or gripping: with our handling technology, you will expand your storage system and will always have the right tool at your fingertips.

Tool magazine

Handling system engineering

Automate your storage system

A combination of electric and pneumatic components

Laser machine

Automation, however and wherever you want to start it.

Machine tools are based on completely different technologies, depending on the type of machine. But everyone would like to have digital connections and complete automation. By integrating our solutions you, as machine builder, will already be able to meet these future requirements right now.

Automating laser machines

Our products will make sure the air is right:

  • Service units for fine filtration up to activated carbon with integrated contamination sensor
  • Absorption or membrane air dryers improve the dew point of the compressed air up to class 1:2:1 as per ISO 8573-1:2010.
  • Service units with integrated dew point sensor to assess the quality of the compressed air in real time and react appropriately.
  • Proportional pressure regulators VPPM/L are precise and responsive when regulating gases during the cutting process.


Products for laser machines

service unit

Service unit

With integrated dew sensor and bypass valve

Service unit MS4

Service unit for fine filtration

Up to 1:2:1 to ISO 8573-1:2010

Automating bending machines

Handling technology for automating the loading and unloading stages

  • Suction cups of different materials and shapes
  • Intelligent vacuum generator OVEM with IO-Link® interface and energy efficiency functionality
  • Swivel clamp system CLR with free picking area outside the clamping position


Products for bending machines