Stopper cylinders DFST

Stopper cylinders DFST

There are many reasons why stopping points are needed: for a fast flow of goods, when many channels feed into a main flow, or when the main flow branches out into different channels. This is when the stopper cylinder DFST comes into use.


  • Polymer or steel rollers: either quiet or sturdy
  • Replacing any of the shock absorbers is simple using a screwdriver and adjustment tool/adjustment scale (the adjusted setting can be easily transferred to other (replacement) stoppers using the adjustment tool)


  • Lever locking mechanism: locking bolts for cushioning without rebound
  • Lever deactivating mechanism: locking bolts for manual "switch-off" with automatic release when retracting


  • Cushioning energy using a knurled ring
  • Outlet direction of the power supply cables using fixing bolts
  • Direct or indirect air supply at the side or from below
  • Double-acting with or without spring support when extended
Stopper cylinders DFST

A wiper seal protects the piston rod against deposits building up. Cylinder position and tilt lever position can be easily sensed via the integrated machining jigs. The following accessories are suitable:

Accessories for stopper cylinder DFST
SMT-8-... (electronic)

Piston diameter




Load at low speed 0 ... 400 kg 0 ... 480 kg 0 ... 800 kg
Load at speed 15 m/minute 0 ... 330 kg 0 ... 430 kg 0 ... 800 kg
Adjustment of the shock absorber setting is transferred using a scale Yes Yes Yes
Automatic deactivation of the tilt lever locks via the release lug Yes Yes Yes