My Access

Advantages of registration

Benefits of registration

Benefits for catalogue users:

• Access to 2D/3D CAD models.
• Save multiple shopping baskets for multiple projects.


In addition, as an Online Shop user you can:

• Check your customer-specific prices and current availability.
Before you can place orders in the Online Shop using your company-specific conditions, you have to have discounts allocated and other settings made to ensure proper functioning. (Allow 1-2 working days for processing)
• Order directly and receive an order confirmation immediately.
• Track all your orders (including orders placed by fax or over the telephone).


You can still view all product information without registering (with the exception of CAD).


Different types of user profiles

Info user
As an info user you can query prices and availability, save shopping baskets and submit them electronically to your buyer, but you cannot place orders yourself. Note that buyers must be registered as ordering users.


Ordering user
As an ordering user, you can place orders with Festo directly. You can also authorise order requests made by colleagues who are registered as standard users.


Username/Password forgotten

Resetting Password

In the login area, click on “Forgotten your password?”. Then enter your username in the window, and the email address you used to log into the Online Shop. Your password will be reset and sent to you automatically within a few minutes.
You may have to temporarily deactivate the “AutoComplete” function in Internet Explorer in order to do this.


Request Username

If you have forgotten your username, click on "Forgotten your password or username?”. On the subsequent page you can request a new password and you can also enter your contact data to receive your username.

Unlike the password, your username will remain the same. (Allow one working day for processing)



Modify personal data

You can modify the personal data that was entered when you registered.

Once you have clicked on “Save” the modification to your access profile is immediately saved.
In the case of an Online Shop access profile, the address data is linked to your customer number. That means you can change only your telephone number and email address in the “Personalise" section.


Change password

To change your password, go to "Change password", enter your old password, then select a new one. The new password has to be entered a second time for confirmation.


Modify profile

As a catalogue user, you can modify your profile in the “Personalise” area and apply for additional authorisations. To do this, click on “Modify profile”.

As an existing catalogue user you can now modify your profile to apply for authorisation to place orders.