Installation system CTEL

Irresistibly simple and low-cost fieldbus technology

With I-Port as a standardised interface for connecting all standard fieldbuses

  • Small, decentralised installation system for all price-sensitive applications
  • Plug & work principle for simple configuration and switching
  • Safely harmonised pneumatic and electronic components

Components of the new decentralised installation system CTEL

Basic installation: one fieldbus for several valve terminals

  • Fieldbus node CTEU
  • Electric communication interface I-Port: also IO-Link enabled


Installation extension: an adapter for doubling the communication performance

  • Adapter CAPC for expansion to include digital inputs and additional valve terminals
  • Input module CTSL: 16 inputs with M12 or M8 sockets
  • Connecting cable NEBU: affordable standard cable
Fieldbus VTUG



Installation system CPI


Find the right valve terminal for you

Brief overview of valve terminals


Fieldbus modules CTEU for direct networking of valve terminals

With I-Port: standardised communication interface for connecting all standard fieldbuses.

Compatible with valve terminals VTUG, VTUB-12, MPA-L, CPV and VTOC

  • Fieldbus-compatible valve terminal for the price of a multi-pin solution
  • Special cost savings for valve terminals with medium to large numbers of valves
  • All valve terminals with I-Port are automatically compatible with IO-Link
  • Plug & work: easy switching of the fieldbuses by simply unscrewing and changing the bus nodes – all on the same valve terminal combination with having to reconfigure the interface
  • Hold last state: if interrupted, it will either return to 0 or retain the last valid state
  • Tool change mode: the entire valve terminal can be changed even during operation.
  • Safe: load voltage of the valve terminal can be switched off separately
  • Protection class: IP 65 and IP 67