Automation in the laboratory:
kinematic systems for specimen handling


Ready-to-install modules support the automation of specimen preparation,

from identifying and checking the specimen carriers to opening and closing specimen containers and adding liquids to microplates – with solutions from Festo analysis applications can be realised in very compact spaces.


Everything from a single source,

from creating and developing concepts to delivering subsystems

Handling systems

Rotary gripper module EHMD

Rotary gripper module EHMD

  • Infinite electrical rotation and electrical or pneumatic gripping
  • Universal handling of small sample containers
  • Gripping and rotation as well as opening and closing of covers
  • Optional: assembly module with Z-compensation automatically adjusts to the cap’s thread pitch.
  • Payload up to 250 g

Find out more about the rotary gripper module here

Hybrid rotary/linear module DSL -16-...-SA

Hybrid rotary/linear module DSL -16-...-SA

  • Pneumatic lifting and gripping motion
  • Electric rotation
  • Slim and compact
  • Individually adjustable torques

Find out more here about the linear module


Dispense head VTOE

Dispense head VTOE

  • Modular dosing system for ready-to-install solutions
  • Dosing of a wide range of reagents with maximum precision
  • Up to 8 individually controlled valves
  • Compact dimensions

More information about liquid handling

Planar surface gantry EXCM-30

Planar surface gantry EXCM-30

  • Compact and flat for payloads up to 3 kg
  • Space-saving for installation in laboratory devices
  • Pre-parameterised and ready to install

Find out more here about planar surface gantries

Planar surface gantry EXCM in the catalogue

Compact handling system YXMx

Compact handling system YXMx

  • Matching, ready-to-use system kit comprising software, controller and kinematic system
  • Easy to integrate into the application environment
  • Easy to program and commission

How to automate laboratory processes (YouTube)

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