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Industry 4.0 control technology IP65/67

Automation platform 4.0: CPX

Automation platform 4.0: CPX

  • Independent I/O platform
  • Modular, adaptable, flexible
  • The product key combines the virtual and real world
  • CODESYS V3: integrated front end control for decentralised intelligence for Industry 4.0, integrated motion control via Softmotion as an option
  • OPC-UA server for integration in Industry 4.0 host environments (from Codesys SP7)

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CPX in the catalogue

Intelligent valve terminals with maximum possible function integration: MPA and VTSA - both can be combined directly with CPX.

CPX-IOT gateway

IoT gateway CPX-IOT - the direct path to the Festo Cloud

  • Stand-alone application IP65 or within the CPX
  • Up to 31 OPC UA participants can be connected
  • Web/cloud protocols AMQP and MQTT
  • Hardware switch for “OFF”, boarding, read or read/write

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Valve terminal MPA-S

Excellent communication options thanks to serial linking: valve terminal MPA-S

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MPA-S with CPX in the catalogue

Valve terminal VTSA

Safety-related pneumatics and maximum combination of valve sizes: ISO valve terminal VTSA

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VTSA with CPX in the catalogue

Festo Motion Terminal VTEM

Festo Motion Terminal - digital pneumatics!

Cyber-physical systems as the new standard in pneumatics - that is Industry 4.0!

  • Simple: 1 valve replaces over 50 pneumatic components
  • Adaptive: apps instead of hardware
  • Flexible: functions can be selected/changed for each operating cycle
  • Reliable: complete diagnostics and condition monitoring
  • Industry 4.0: self-regulating systems, reliable and tamper-proof, optional on-site machine/system controller, cloud connection and visualisation

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More about the Festo Motion Terminal

Solutions for Industry 4.0

Parallel kinematic system with CPX/EMCA

Industry 4.0 robotics without a control cabinet: high-speed handling system with CPX/EMCA and virtual communication interfaces

  • Revolutionary: compact robotics structure without control cabinet thanks to comprehensive function integration
  • CPX controller in IP65/67 with Codesys Softmotion, OPC UA interface for Industry 4.0
  • Integrated motors EMCA in IP54/65
  • Virtual commissioning via simulation software CIROS by Festo Didactic with a connection to the actual parallel kinematic system. Prepared for the descriptive language AML (Automation Markup Language, the upcoming standard for Industry 4.0)
  • High-speed handling system with robotics functions for freely programmable movements in three dimensions – motion control provided by Festo
  • Simple incorporation into our compact handling systems and other mechatronic subsystems

CPX in the catalogue

Study of Delta kinematics with CPX/EMCA

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