Woodworking and wood processing industry

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Fully automated assembly system with IO-Link® ®



Automation technology for primary woodworking machines and secondary wood processing machines

Pneumatic systems are standard and commonplace in all machines and systems in the woodworking and wood processing industry as a sturdy, cost-effective medium. Festo supplies standardised automation technology, from pneumatic drives and valve technology to service units, for all machines in the wood industry, whether for sawmill technology, the furniture industry or the carpentry trade.

Pneumatic drives for the wood industry

Pneumatic cylinders in wood processing


Source: SCM GROUP S.p.A.

Self-adjusting, clean and safe

  • Sturdy and attractively priced
  • Specific solutions for the wood industry
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Available as a complete unit with connection technology

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Cost-efficient production

in woodworking and wood processing


The Scm Group relies on Festo as its automation partner

Scm Group
Trimmerzylinder DSBC

Trimmer cylinders: modular system of different wiper seals and cushioning systems

  • ISO VDMA 15552 standard
  • with special wiper seal and special end-position cushioning
  • Developed for tough and difficult conditions, high speeds or loads, difficult environmental influences such as resin and ice

Cylinders for the drying process

  • ISO VDMA 15552 standard
  • Specially for the stringent requirements in the drying process


Source: Michael Weinig AG

Pressure cylinder

It is used to clamp the wood with a defined clamping force via pressure rollers while it is being processed at high speeds.

  • Single-acting special cylinders with reinforced piston rod
  • Designed to absorb major lateral forces

Service units for the wood industry

Air preparation in the wood industry


Source: IMA Klessmann GmbH - Woodworking systems

Air preparation – a worthwhile investment

Increase the service life of your components and systems by using the correct air preparation to prevent machine failures and downtime.

An added advantage is that by mixing the sizes for your MS series service units, you can enjoy optimum flow rates with smaller sizes and lower costs.










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Valve technology for the wood industry

Valve technology for the wood industry


Source: Hüttenhölscher Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Make the most of the advantages of valve terminals

Common power supply and control of multiple solenoid valves

  • Time- and cost-saving installation
  • Flexible communication with all I/Os and control platforms
  • Safety technology
  • Diagnostics options
  • Configurable platform for more flexibility in function and size







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Electric drive technology for the wood industry

Electric drive technology for the wood industry

Our engineering tools make things easier and faster

Support in project planning, sizing, design and engineering






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