Project and solution highlights

Fast and reliable repositioning with the high-speed H-gantry  

Optimiert für das Handling von Solarzellen und Wafern: das High Speed H-Portal von Festo

The fragile wafers need to be repositioned frequently. During the transition from one production step to the next, they are unloaded from a machine and fed to the next machining step.
To maximise the output, this must be done at maximum speed and at the same time reliably and accurately.
The wafers should be touched as gently as possible to avoid "stressing" them.
There must be no residue left on their photosensitive surface so they can make the best use of the light. Permanent monitoring without impairing the throughput supplements the repositioning process.


The award-winning high-speed H-gantry provides the ideal solution for this task:

It is designed for handling solar cells and wafers and covers a rectangular working space with up to 4 degrees of freedom. The Bernoulli gripper has been adapted to the transport of fragile wafers. It enables low-contact and gentle transport. The integrated intelligent compact vision system monitors the wafers for damage and their correct alignment.


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