Air preparation

Air preparation – a worthwhile investment

Increase the service life of your components and systems by using the correct air preparation, and reduce machine failures and standstills.

The advantage: by mixing the sizes for your MS series service unit, you can enjoy optimum flow rates with smaller sizes and lower costs.

Air preparation for perfect compressed air quality

Air preparation for compressed air quality

Increases the following aspects of plant performance:

  • Machine availability
  • Process reliability
  • Service life

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Integrated sensors and safety

Integrated sensors and safety

Monitor your processes and protect both people and machines.

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MS series service units

MS series service units

The perfect combination for any compressed air quality class or flow rate

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Energy savings

Mix of sizes MS6 and MS9

Optimum flow rate and compact design thanks to

Intelligent mix of sizes

Save compressed air and power with the

Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M