Rigorous requirements
for high-performance filling systems

The application: filling containers

Your objective: increasing productivity and ensuring reproducibility

Our solution: corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean components for direct use in the filling process. Example: bottle lifting cylinder

    Valve terminal MPA-L

Valve terminal MPA-L

Modularity and flexibility in their purest form

  • Can be expanded easily in individual steps up to 32 valve positions
  • Can be connected to the new fieldbus node CTEU at very low cost

More about the modular valve terminal MPA-L

    Suitable for the food and beverage industry: stainless steel round cylinder CRDSNU from Festo

Stainless steel round cylinder CRDSNU

Standard cylinder to ISO 6432 with self-adjusting cushioning

  • Ambient temperature varies depending on variant: low temperature resistant or heat resistant
  • Sealing variants for use in applications with intensive cleaning


CRDSNU in the catalogue

Cushioning variants for CRDSNU

    Festo polypropylene fitting NPQP with polyethylene tubing PLN

Tubing/fitting combination PLN/NPQP

  • Resistant to cleaning agents
  • FDA compliant
  • Economical


Fitting NPQP in the catalogue
Tubing PLN in the catalogue

    High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M from Festo

High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M

Analysing processes and detecting error sources, checking and controlling filling levels: the compact vision system with permanently integrated lens or interchangeable lens is specialised on the detection, recording, analysis and control of fast movements.


Vision systems for function monitoring