Rigorous requirements
for high-performance filling systems

The application: monitoring and inspection of products

Your objective: maximum quality thanks to precise monitoring

Our solution: visual detection with our vision systems and 'pusher solutions' for efficient ejection

    High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M from Festo

High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M

Analysing processes and detecting error sources, checking and controlling filling levels: the compact vision system with permanently integrated lens or interchangeable lens is specialised on the detection, recording, analysis and control of fast movements.


Vision systems for function monitoring

    Reliable quality inspection: intelligent vision system SBO...Q from Festo

Reliable inspection: intelligent vision system SBOx-Q

100% quality inspection. Precise measurement, orientation checking, positioning. Electronic evaluation unit and interfaces (Ethernet/CAN) for communication with master controllers (PLC) are already integrated. With permanently integrated lens or interchangeable lens, depending on the task.


Intelligent vision system SBox-Q in the catalogue

    Easy-to-clean guided drive in Clean Design: DGRF from Festo

Precise and easy-to-clean: guided drive DGRF

High precision guiding and load capacity. Clean Design guarantees ease of cleaning. Lubrication approved by the FDA. Long service life, optional seal for dry-running operation. Perfect in conjunction with corresponding sensor SMT-C1. Suitable for labelling applications or as a “pusher” in monitoring processes to eject defective parts.

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