Rigorous requirements
for high-performance filling systems

The application: palletising

Your objective: an automated solution for high-performance transport tasks

Our solution: handling systems for your transport tasks, either electric, pneumatic or using vacuum

    Gentle and precise handling of wafer baskets with the electric axis EGC from Festo.

More efficient due to downsizing: electric axis EGC

EGC with toothed belt or spindle drive for fast transport tasks   

Aluminium profiles with external guide for increased rigidity


Short product information about EGC

Electric axis EGC in the catalogue  

    Heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

Electric heavy-duty axis EGC-HD

  • Guides heavy loads precisely and quickly
  • Perfect for handling processes such as assembly or snap-fitting

Heavy-duty axis EGC-HD in the catalogue

    Servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo for highly dynamic movements

Highly dynamic: servo motor EMMS-AS

Unbeatable in combination with the right motor controllers: electronic cam disk function, Ethercat interface, up to 8 inputs/outputs.


More about EMMS-AS

    Festo vacuum generator OVEM: integrated condition monitoring

Integrated process reliability: vacuum generator OVEM

Condition monitoring increases process reliability and prevents machine downtime

  • Monitoring of the set evacuation and ejection cycle time
  • Ideal in combination with the suction gripper ESG


 Short product information on OVEM

Vacuum generator OVEM in the catalogue

    Reliable gripping with vacuum in the food zone: Festo suction gripper VAS in silicone design

Reliable gripping with vacuum: suction gripper VAS in silicone design

Suction cups in various sizes and shapes - round, flat and as bellows - for transporting workpieces and packages of different weights, surfaces and shapes. Suction cups made of silicone for the food industry, with suitable suction cup holders, filters and other accessories.


Product overview of vacuum generators

    Control package CMCA for advanced handling systems

Control package CMCA for advanced handling systems

A ready-to-install, application-specific control system

  • Complete control functionality for demanding applications
  • Free 3D path control, optionally available with integrated PLC
  • Activation of up to four axes
  • In a control cabinet or as a mounting plate

More information about ready-to-install solutions

    Commissioning of axis systems

Commissioning service for axis systems

Fast, reliable and optimised to fully exploit the performance of your system

More about the commissioning service for axis systems