Project and solution highlights

From planning to production

Festo provides you with support in all phases of the value added chain with:

  • pneumatic and electric components
  • services
  • engineering
  • basic and further training.
    Festo as the preferred supplier for the Volkswagen Group

Modularity as the top priority: added value for all models

Festo as the preferred supplier in the MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) project for the Volkswagen Group: installation, documentation and drives for vehicle production

Festo's approved products include among others:

Valve terminals with Profinet and Profisafe



ISO valves

    Autoliv logo

Production of airbags

Automation for spreading and cutting fabric

Special requirements:

  • Max. spreading length 8000 mm
  • Flexible system for different fabric lengths and spreads
  • Control of velocity and acceleration
  • Local support


Festo's approved products include the following:


    Daimler logo

Worldwide cooperation and support

Festo as the preferred supplier for the projects:

  • BR205: C class
  • BR213: E class

in Germany, USA, China and South Africa

Festo's approved products:

CPXVTSADNCHIP/RIPISO valvesElectric axes with motors and controllersService units and accessories

    Jaguar + Land Rover

Festo as the single-source supplier

Specification for the press shop, car body assembly and final assembly

  • L550: new Land Rover Freelander 4x4
  • L538: convertible - new Land Rover Evoque
  • X760: new mid-size Jaguar
  • X260: new Jaguar XF

Festo's approved products include the following:

CPXVTSADSBCISO valvesVPPMVacuum, MPPEService units and accessories