Surface mount technology SMT

In-circuit test: checking circuit paths, as well as functional and end-of-line tests

Your objective: precision bonding of test pads, locking switch blocks and enabling additional movements

Our solution: pressure booster and high-force cylinder for pressing, mini slide for precise movements for bonding

    Mini slide DGSC

The slimmest ball-bearing slide unit on the market: mini slide DGSC

  • Just 8 mm wide, with high guide precision in the 1/100 mm range.
  • Smooth and even movements suitable for picking and repositioning small parts


 Short product information for DGSC

Mini slide DGSC in the catalogue

    Cylinder DNC with guide unit FENG

Standard cylinder DNC with guide unit FENG

  • Design reduces space requirements by up to 11% compared with standard cylinders
  • Guide unit FENG guarantees protection against rotation at high torques


Standard cylinder DNC in the catalogue

    DPA pressure booster

Pressure booster DPA

  • Can be used without hydraulic power units or additional pumps
  • Extremely reliable


Pressure booster DPA in the catalogue