Through-hole technology THT

Testing and packaging the components

Your objective: quality assurance

Our solution: bonding the module with additional strokes and repositioning the tested modules (e.g. into the tray)

    Pitch slide module DHMP

Pitch slide module DHMP/DHMB

  • Precision (linearity and parallelism) in the 1/100 mm range thanks to precision recirculating ball bearing and caged ball bearing guides 
  • Smooth and stable movements due to backlash-free rail guidance and very low escaping pressure when using U packaging.


Product information on pitch slide module DHMP/DHMB

    Mini slide DGSC

The slimmest ball-bearing slide unit on the market: mini slide DGSC

  • Just 8 mm wide, with high guide precision in the 1/100 mm range.
  • Smooth and even movements suitable for picking and repositioning small parts


 Short product information for DGSC

Mini slide DGSC in the catalogue

Festo rotary drive DRQD

Semi-rotary drive DRQD

  • High torques thanks to twin piston drive
  • Built-in end position cushioning and end position adjustment
  • Versatile combination options in the modular system for handling and assembly technology


Short product information DRQD

DRQD in the catalogue