Examples for servopneumatics – applications

Areas of application

The full potential of servopneumatics comes to the fore in fields like these:

  • Flexible and controlled pressing of workpieces with a defined force, e.g. in the automotive industry 
  • Repositioning goods from a conveyor belt to a packaging unit in packaging technology 
  • Pushing and sorting functions in conveying technology 
  • volume filler systems in dosing technology
  • Positioning of testing equipment in test engineering


Servopneumatics from Festo: large drums can be gripped reliably

Example: large servopneumatic gripper

Large drums should always be gripped safely and reliably – even in the event of an emergency stop. The gripper module is mounted on an industrial robot which can be used to grip products of different sizes and varying sensitivity. To make fast robot movements possible, very small space requirements and extremely light actuators were important prerequisites for the customer. The position and force parameters are set for each product via fieldbus.


The solution:
Drives with recirculating ball bearing guide DGCI or cylinders with piston rod DNCI (depending on the type of gripper) are mounted on the customer's guide system, and controlled using a proportional directional control valve VPWP-6.
A modular electrical CPX terminal with PROFIBUS and two

CPX-CMAX axis controllers control the “gripper fingers”.
Position and force parameters are set in direct operation via the human/machine interface. Additional directional control valves keep the product held securely even during an emergency stop.


The benefits:

  • More compact in size, but also a lightweight drive with a lot of power
  • Quick placement of the “gripper fingers”
  • Quick switching of position and force control
  • Various bus protocols available; easy conversion possible
  • Set values at the press of a button when changing products