Examples for servopneumatics – applications

Areas of application

The full potential of servopneumatics comes to the fore in fields like these:

  • Flexible and controlled pressing of workpieces with a defined force, e.g. in the automotive industry 
  • Repositioning goods from a conveyor belt to a packaging unit in packaging technology 
  • Pushing and sorting functions in conveying technology 
  • volume filler systems in dosing technology
  • Positioning of testing equipment in test engineering


Filling in a matter of seconds

Bags must be filled with 50 to 150 ml in just a few seconds. The outlet port of the dosing valve must be flexibly adjustable between 0 and 100%. A precision of ±0.5 mm is sufficient for this task.

Another important requirement: the filling liquid must not be heated up by the drive.


The solution

Four standard cylinders DNCI, each with a valve VPWP, control the filling process. A CPX terminal with a Profibus interface and four CMAX modules controls the four axes. The positioning stroke of the cylinder is set via the fieldbus, independently of the volumes to be filled.

In order to protect the cylinders against the cleaning agents, each one is individually encapsulated. The valve terminals and proportional valves are mounted in areas of the machine that are shielded from splash-water.


The advantages

  • Flexible dosing of a wide range of media
  • High cycle rate
  • Each filling cylinder can be controlled individually
  • Compact design
  • Uses the existing CPX terminal
  • Great value solution
  • No temperature rise
  • Can be controlled directly via the PLC
  • No programming required