Examples for servopneumatics – applications

Areas of application

The full potential of servopneumatics comes to the fore in fields like these:

  • Flexible and controlled pressing of workpieces with a defined force, e.g. in the automotive industry 
  • Repositioning goods from a conveyor belt to a packaging unit in packaging technology 
  • Pushing and sorting functions in conveying technology 
  • volume filler systems in dosing technology
  • Positioning of testing equipment in test engineering


Festo servopneumatics: gluing labels to different packages in one-second cycles show enlargement

Label picker

Labels must be glued to packages of different sizes and heights in one-second cycles.

The packages travel past the labelling unit on a conveyor.

The working stroke of the label picker is 50 to 500 mm. The advance and return stroke must take place within one second.

The distance to the package is determined using an analogue distance sensor. The label ejection position is 15 mm above the package.


The solution

DNCI-32-500-P-A-S2-KP-FENG or DGCI-25-500 in yoke operation.

CPX with FEC, CMAX, analogue module and 8 I/O module.

Alternative control via fieldbus VPWP-4 + emergency off circuit.


The benefits

  • Flexible solution
  • Compact
  • Fast
  • No heat restrictions
  • Fieldbus or stand-alone system