New products

Pneumatic drives

New pneumatic drive products
  • Gripper finger DHAS
  • Standards-based cylinder with low-friction feature DSBC-L1
  • Rotary indexing table DHTG with energy throughfeed
  • Semi-rotary vane drive DRVS with position sensor SRBS
  • Push-on flange DARF and flange mounting DAMF
  • Extension for twin-piston rotary drive DRRD


New pneumatic drives

Electric drives and handling systems

New electric drive products and handling systems
  • Servo press kit YJKP
  • Compact handling system YXMx
  • Compact planar surface gantry EXCM-40
  • Linear gantry EXCT
  • Toothed belt axis and spindle axis ELGA-TB/BS-KF
  • Integrated drive EMCA


New electric drives and handling systems

Valves and valve terminals

New valve and valve terminal products
  • Proportional valve VEMP
  • Sturdy valve VUVS-...-S
  • Compact valve VUVG-...-S
  • Valve terminal VTUG
  • Flow control valve VPCF
  • Dispense head VTOE
  • Valve terminals MPA-C, MPA-L and MPA-S
  • OPC-UA on the control block CPX-CEC V3
  • ISO valve VSVA with electric timer function
  • Valve terminal VTSA/VTSA-F


New valves and valve terminals

Air preparation and connection technology

New air preparation and connection technology products
  • Energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M
  • Safety coupling NPHS
  • Hand slide valve VBOH
  • Vacuum generator OVEM


New air preparation and connection technology products

Sensors and vision systems

New sensor and vision system products
  • Pressure sensor SPAN
  • Sensor/actuator distributor NEDY
  • Flow sensor SFAW
  • Vision sensor SBSx
  • Checkbox CHB-C-N


New sensors and vision systems

Process automation

New process automation products
  • Quarter turn actuator DFPD
  • Closed-loop-controlled linear actuator DFPI
  • Ball valve VZBD
  • Pinch valve VZQA
  • Angle seat valve VZXA


New process automation products

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