Pneumatic drives

Pneumatic drives from Festo: self adjusting, clean and safe.

Special feature: the pneumatic, self adjusting cushioning PPS saves you five minutes of adjustment time.


The first single-acting pneumatic cylinders in Europe were manufactured by Festo. Today, Festo offers pneumatic drives for a wide range of applications, from single-acting, compact and round cylinders to semi-rotary drives or clamping cylinders.
Also in the programme: the appropriate proximity sensors.

Linear drive DLGF


Extremely flat drive also suitable with supply mounted under a workbench

More about the linear drive DLGF

Mini slide DGST


The precise and powerful unit

More about the mini slide

Semi-rotary drive DRRD

Semi-rotary drive DRRD

Greater stability even for smaller sizes

More about the semi-rotary drive DRRD

Fluidic muscle

Fluidic muscle

The specialist for short movements

More about fluidic muscles

Stopper cylinder DFST

Stopper cylinder DFST

The versatile stopper cylinder

More about the stopper cylinder DFST

Electric stopper EFSD


The perfect stopper for your transfer system

More about the electric stopper EFSD

Standard cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552

Standard cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552

Clever cushioning – saves adjustment time

More about the standard cylinder DSBC

Stopper cylinder DFSP

Stopper cylinder DFSP

A most powerful stopper cylinder

More about the stopper cylinder DFSP


Online engineering software

Designing cylinders and shock absorbers


Engineering software




Shut-off, pressure control and flow control valves

Pneumatic control elements provide high performance with minimal space requirements.