Surface mount technology SMT

Applying labels to the PCB

Your objective: removing labels from the printer, positioning them and applying them to the workpiece

Our solution: reliable vacuum generators for picking up the labels and electric handling systems for precise positioning

    Gentle and precise handling of wafer baskets with the electric axis EGC from Festo.

More efficient due to downsizing: electric axis EGC

EGC with toothed belt or spindle drive for fast transport tasks   

Aluminium profiles with external guide for increased rigidity


Short product information about EGC

Electric axis EGC in the catalogue  

    Ready-to-install handling systems

Ready-to-install handling systems

Customer-specific handling systems for reliable handling with optimal repositioning times


Handling system overview

    Wide range of variants: compact standard cylinder ADN from Festo

Small and powerful: compact cylinder ADN

  • Heat-resistant or low temperature
  • Reinforced piston rod for higher lateral forces
  • Very low friction, designed for low speeds 

Overview of cylinders with piston rod

ADN in the catalogue

    Miniature vacuum valve

Miniature vacuum valve MHA 1

  • Extremely compact with optimised flow rate
  • Available as a complete, integrable solution with a valve, sub-base, sensors and control electronics


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Vacuum valve MHA 1 in catalogue

    Festo vacuum generator OVEM: integrated condition monitoring

Integrated process reliability: vacuum generator OVEM

Condition monitoring increases process reliability and prevents machine downtime

  • Monitoring of the set evacuation and ejection cycle time
  • Ideal in combination with the suction gripper ESG


 Short product information on OVEM

Vacuum generator OVEM in the catalogue