Assembly and electronics

Final testing and packaging of the components

Your objective: checking quality before packaging

Our solution: multi-phase pneumatic solutions for bonding the module, precision guided pneumatic movements and handling systems for transferring the components from the workpiece carrier to the packaging material

    Valve terminal MPA-L

Highly modular valve terminal MPA-L

  • Highly modular in single steps
  • Various control modules, such as I/O, PLC or position controller, can be attached as needed
  • Low-cost fieldbus connection via CTEU fieldbus node
  • For centralised installation concept

Valve terminal MPA-L in the catalogue

    Individual gantry systems

Individually configured gantry systems

Optimised for the requirements of a particular task, customer-specific gantry systems provide support, for example when repositioning sensitive components.


 More details on gantry systems in the handling system overview

    Pitch slide module DHMP

Pitch slide module DHMP/DHMB

  • Precision (linearity and parallelism) in the 1/100 mm range thanks to precision recirculating ball bearing and caged ball bearing guides 
  • Smooth and stable movements due to backlash-free rail guidance and very low escaping pressure when using U packaging.


Product information on pitch slide module DHMP/DHMB

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB as a three-dimensional gantry

  • Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for multi-axis combinations
  • High performance allows smaller axis sizes to be used


Short product information for EGC

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB in the catalogue

    Swivel gripper unit HGDS

Swivel gripper unit HGDS

  • Freely adjustable semi-rotary drive using the rotary vane principle, combined with a precision gripper
  • Frequency of up to 2 Hz, optionally with flexible or hydraulic cushioning


 Short product information on HGDS

Swivel gripper unit HGDS in the catalogue

    Mini slide DGSC

The slimmest ball-bearing slide unit on the market: mini slide DGSC

  • Just 8 mm wide, with high guide precision in the 1/100 mm range.
  • Smooth and even movements suitable for picking and repositioning small parts


 Short product information for DGSC

Mini slide DGSC in the catalogue

    MS series service units

Compressed air service units from the MS series

  • Integrated flow sensors and pressure sensors
  • Electric pressure regulator and other freely combinable function modules available


More on service units

MS series service units in the catalogue