Project and plant-specific release lists

You can find all up-to-date release lists for automotive manufacturers here:

Festo is a project partner of Daimler in the INTEGRA 5 and INTEGRA 6 standardisation shafts in their car body plants worldwide. Together Daimler and Festo have created global project manuals for the INTEGRA standardisation shafts and powertrain in order to help system and machine builders to select suitable and approved products.

Project participants receive information about current projects and regulations on the corresponding electronic portals from Daimler:

  • ECM (enterprise content manager)
  • MDM (material data manager)

There you can find all current lists of approved components, project manuals and valve terminal configurators from Festo. The list of approved components and project manuals define the components that can be used in the individual projects for building the specific machines and systems.

Please consult your local Festo contact if there are any questions:

Daimler Daimler project manuals

Current project manual based on INTEGRA 4. Welle

valid for the following projects:

  • MRA I (BR 205 – new C-Class)
  • MRA II (BR 213 – new E-Class)
  • MFA/NGCC (New Generation Compact Cars – new A-/B-Class and derivatives)


Daimler AG regulations are to be observed, in particular:

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
  • MDM (Material Data Manager)
  • MFL (Material Release List)

The list is valid in the following Daimler plants:

  • Germany: Sindelfingen, Bremen
  • USA: Tuscaloosa
  • South Africa: East London
  • China: Beijing


Project manual MRA + MFA-NGCC