Downtimes are expensive!

That is why it is important to identify and locate the causes of the faults as quickly as possible and replace defective components without delay.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Many Festo products can be repaired cost-effectively:

Product key

Efficient analysis and consultation

Our Support Portal and the product key speed up repeat orders and repairs.

  • Scan data matrix code using a mobile phone
  • Receive all product information directly
  • Forward information at the touch of a button


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Quick and easy support for the following topic:





Easy configuration and diagnostics for all CPX modules:

Festo Maintenance Tool

Diagnostics and service information via web monitor:

CPX web monitor

Commissioning and servicing tool for all products:

Festo Field Device Tool

Festo Configuration Tool

Commissioning made easy:

Device description files

Function elements


Templates for label holders for valve terminals:

MS-Word template